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Just a quick email to say thank you for your hospitality for our stay over the weekend. We really enjoyed it. You certainly had lots of campers staying which was good to see from a business perspective. We have friends we want to bring up for our next visit as we have said nice things about the park. Take care and look forward to our next visit.

Stephen of Birmingham Garden, NSW

The baby lambs are so cute, we absolutely love them, and can’t wait to see them. Ruth and Andrew are very excited! We had a good time staying in your Park again, I got photos of the blue face honeyeater, noisy friarbird, white-winged cough, eastern rosella, there were so much to see.  Hope we can come back again next year. Best wishes

Lisa, Tony, Ruth and Andrew of Sydney

I have been travelling from my home Cassilis to Central Coast for work for the past 22 years, I drive past your park for all these years, but I never came inside. I am so glad that I finally visit you and regret that I have not discovered you earlier! I thourouly enjoy my stay here, the site is so big and the park is so picturesque and quiet, it is a paradise! 4 days are too short. I will certainly come back and I am going to tell all my friends and family!

Sharon of Cassilis, NSW

My family stayed in Sandy Hollow Tourist Park, Hunter Cottage. I discovered there are 3 sheep next to our cabin, there is another sheep living near the Reception, his name is Troy. He is my favorite sheep out of the four. Their names are: Dorris, Daisy and Molly. Guess what? when Me and my brother took Troy for a walk, he was so strong, we ended up following him. We will surely come back soon. We really like everything here. Now we know where to come for birds watching.

Ruth, 9 years old from Hurstville

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