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Helpful Blogs - Helpful Blogs

There are many blogs and websites just like ours giving you information, details, news about tourism in Australia. Here are some of them.


This is a family travel blog with reviews to help you explore the best of Melbourne, Regional Victoria and the world. The blog contains personal reviews and tips about things to do and places to go with kids and family travel-related products and services.


Travel2Next provides travel and vacation ideas, destinations, hotels, and tips from experienced travel writers and other new media influencers. In the form of digital storytelling, the blog offers travel ideas, tips and suggestions for anyone who loves to travel.


This website covers the latest deals on holiday packages and accommodation in Australia, Fiji, and Bali.

West Australian Explorer Blog

This blog is your outdoor guide to travelling along the west coast of Australia. The blog’s mission is to promote travel in Western Australia, with a focus on adventure sports, nature-based activities, conservation and inspiring travel tales.

Australian Traveller

This is an online magazine that began with the idea of encouraging Australians to see their country but has now gained a reputation for travel writing, photography and travel advice.

Autopia Tours Blog

Autopia Tours Blog - Helpful Blogs

Autopia Tours is a small group adventure tour operator, offering some of Australia’s most interactive experiences to inspiring destinations, with a mix of nature, wildlife, culture and foodie delights.

Rocky Travel

This is an online travel guide to help you travel smarter, longer and cheaper. It offers first-hand travel planning help and a personalised travel itinerary for the independent solo traveller who wants to explore Australia.

Blue Mountains Tours

This is a blog about  Australia’s  Blue Mountains NSW. The location encompasses native wildlife such as wild kangaroos and koalas, spectacular waterfalls, historic gardens, Aboriginal history, dramatic sceneries and boutique wineries.

There are so many blogs and websites that offer tips, advice, packages about visiting Australia and tourism in Australia in general. These blogs are just a few of them.